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 Another sig request

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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Another sig request   Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:32 pm

Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: White
Character or main focus of the signature: Toon Link. Get a better image this time, and make him Plaid. Use the new red/white plaid one you made, not the old red/black one you like better. If you really want to, I suppose you could go red/black, but...

Text: For great justice.
(please make it as short as possible, if you want it)

Specific picture for the focal point or character: What?

Glossy: I'm not even entirely sure what you mean here so I'll leave the decision up to you.

Side notes/additional instruction: In the last sig you made me, I liked how the background had the sort of curved lines that gave it a bit of a jagged feel. It was very cool. I'm not sure if White can have quite the same effect, though, so once again use your discretion. I also really liked the text that said "Plaid" with the glowing outline but no real internal substance.
Some things I didn't like so much were, primarily, Toon Link himself. His lighting was horrible; he was barely visible. As he was supposed to be a major focal point (along with that little white point to his right), having him blend in was iffy at the very best. The space to his left looked like you were just trying to fill it up a little bit, honestly. The text beneath also seemed a little tacky. It wasn't very legible, and it didn't fit with the flow very well. Overall, I really liked that sig (except Tink and the text), and I think it might actually be cool if you just took him out and redid that part. Making a new one would probably be preferable, though.

Last note: I didn't use the avy you made me because I had no freaking idea where it was. I did actually look. I'm going to go replace my substitute with it now.

Orite! I need to try and think of what a good pose for him would be. Honestly, the one in my substitute avy is pretty good. If you can get a good enough screenshot at the end of his grounded up b, that would probably be cool. Also, charging an arrow might be cool too.

Last edit, I promise. Do you remember why there was the weird yellowish border around this avatar? I remember that we fixed it (I think), but it looks like this is the unfixed version.
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Posts : 102
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Age : 25
Location : Behind you.

PostSubject: Re: Another sig request   Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:24 pm

The thing in your avatar is weird just because there is no transparency in the image for some reason. I'll find the file and get it looking nice for you.

White will be fine, and I probably won't end up using that text you asked for because that is actually a lot and I'd prefer it to be 1-2 words. Can I do just: "Plaid"?

I can get better snapshots of TL this time, I promise. But I'm not using the pose in your avatar because although nice, it has been used a trillion times and the bow pose is going to be a whole lot better.

By the way:

"Specific picture for the focal point or character: What?"

That is just me asking if you had a particular pose or image in mind for the signature.
Like if you found a really epic pic of TL, you'd post that. But don't bother, I'm making one.
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Another sig request
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