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 Lloyd Irving Project

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PostSubject: Lloyd Irving Project   Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:02 pm

(from the smashboards page, here!)

Tales of Smash

I welcome the Workshop to the Tales of Smash thread. The primary purpose of this thread right now is bringing in one of the main protagonists of Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd Irving!

Credit to ds22 for the original rip of the model. He also fixed up the TransN glitch and a good amount of the grab glitch (being thrown still causes issues).
Credit to RTB for the complete fixing of Lloyd's model just so he could show up in BrawlBox.

The moveset can be found in this post.

The list of sounds to be used in the sound replacement pack can found in this post.

Overview of categorized animations

(credit to Zephron)

Gamedominator06 - Lead Developer and Overseer
Zephron - Texture Designer; KC:MM Correspondent
nerfispwnage243 - Material Blade Vertex Editor
thanyou - Official and User-made Animations
ds22 - Official and User-made Animations, Model Repair
AngelGlory - User-made Animations and minor Texture Design
SaxMeister - PSA Coding
SqLeon - PSA Coding (and he got the swords attached to Lloyd!)

Lloyd Preview
-Comes with FitWolf.pac, FitWolf00.pac/pcs, and FitWolfMotionEtc.pac containing the Wait1 animation made by ds22. To properly view Lloyd with textures, turn off the visibility of Toon_v1.
Lloyd 0.01 UPADTE
-Adds run and walk animations
-Fixes grab glitch and fixed a mistake in the indices that originally caused a leg glitch

Lloyd 0.02 by SqLeon
-Lloyd is now holding his swords!

Lloyd First Beta! packaged by Zephron; all appropriate credit is due to each team member of course.

FitLloydMotionEtc Beta
-Individual file.

Lloyd Sound Effects by Zephron and stickman
Sounds include:
-1 Death Sound
-1 Taunt Sound
-1 Victory Sound
-1 Star KO Sound

Lloyd Recolors by Zephron

Download Saturated


Download De-Saturated

Comparison Shots:
Red Recolor : Blue Recolor : Green Recolor :

Noble Costume by Zephron

Black Noble Costume by Zephron

Character Select Portraits by Zephron

Character Select Text by ds22

Lloyd's weapons (trademark and Gagnrad)
Gagnrad hexed
-1st link contains the individual sword brres' in each pair (left and right sword)
-2nd link contains Gagnrad completely hexed as a single item with the texture map
-Turn off toon_v1 to view the texture as usual
[URL="http://www.box.net/shared/dyv8xduskr"]ToS1 Lloyd SFX[/URL] by GuyGardiosX

Lloyd Progress! (Display Video 2) by Zephron
-Shows successful implementation of imported animations! Thanks to thanyou for both extracting the files and fixing/removing the keyframes.
Lloyd Preview (Display Video 1) by ds22
-Demonstrates Lloyd working over Wolf in-game. Shows the Wait1 animation (which is also currently placed over Wait2 and Wait3) and shows the results of being grabbed. There's a couple of visual glitches from being hit as well as doing Wolf's Up Special. Movement works successfully.
Lloyd 1.2! (NEWEST!) by Zephron
New animations, PSA, and sounds!

ToS1 Animation References
ToS2 Animation References
ToS1 Lloyd 92 Hit combo
-Arte display videos don't actually do Lloyd's fighting style much justice at all so check this out!

What needs to be done:
Removal of all glitches PSA or non-PSA related
-The flash color glitch is PSA-related and is simply fixed through animation actions.
-ds22 is hoping that Shock44 knows the answer to the throw glitch (Lloyd floats up during a throw action or creates some extremely weird side effects such as his polygons shattering all over the screen).

Completion of all animations
-We aren’t guaranteed to get all animations just from the ISO alone so we will need some animators likely for a few miscellaneous ones

Placeholder moveset and the Finalized moveset
-We're using Plaid02's moveset with no modifications as a placeholder to work off of first; once things look good, we'll settle disputes and reach some middle ground between everyone on this.

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Lloyd Irving Project
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